London Collections Men is a well-known Event, which consists of 130 designers participating in London Collections Men AW14. An event where many well-dressed people including well know celebrities view the latest trends set to come.


I had the opportunity to speak to well known up and coming fashion blogger Omiri Thomas about the recent events at LCM as well as his interest in fashion. With his composed but creative sense of style, Omiri didn’t see himself taking outfit pictures and posting them online for everyone to see but after a few different people had told him they liked the way he wore his outfits he took the initiative to try something new.


I asked Omiri how do events like LCM make him feel, he told me “It’s a mixture of nerves and excitement! The nerves because you never know how your outfit is going to be received Overall its a great feeling that you are doing something that you love and you get to share it with loads of people at the same time!”



Omiri hopes to go as far as possible with his fashion blog! He told me “I try not to put pressure on myself and let things progress naturally but i’d love to travel to different countries and check out the different fashions and cultures from a menswear perspective!”

Well best of luck to you and your future in fashion Omiri.


You can find out more about about Omiri and his dream on

Twitter: @OmiriThomas

Fashion blog:


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