My future in Journalism.


Leaving 6form and going University saw my confidence and enthusiasm drop, from being very confident; outspoken and certain about what I wanted I was so confused as to where my positivity had gone was it due to my lack of enthusiasm in what I was being taught? or because I didn’t actually know what I wanted achieve in the future.. That was it.

The picture above is from a radio skills session I had during the last week of my first term at University, you can see from the smile on my face that I really enjoyed it which was a huge shock to me as I never pictured myself taking such a huge interest into Radio Journalism.

I learnt how to load and play clips as well as controlling levels this skills session also taught me to cue material off air and feed it into the program at pre arranged times according to a running list, to compliment a live studio announcer and guests.

I grew up knowing that I wanted success and nothing less so loosing my confidence in something I thought I was certain about made me panic and question my future. I have always known that i’ve wanted to be a journalist but I was never certain as to which angle I was more interested in. When I produce something written that is really good and gets positive feedback I end up taking more liking to that type of journalism but then if present something I feel that, thats where my heart is and has always been from taking part in shakespeare festivals, dance extravaganza’s and being head girl and having to perform or deliver a speech tells me that I have much more experience in presenting rather than writing but also taking part in the young reporters scheme and winning and award tells me that I have some sort of strength in written journalism.

After reflecting I am certain that I want to be a presenter of some sort and watching and listening to the likes of Melvin odoom, Rickie Haywood Williams, Giuliana Rancic and Becca Dudley has made me want it much more.  I know I still have some time before I finish university and my Journalism and Media course but seeing how successful they have become from where they started off from has inspired me to think ahead and to make sure I know what I want out of my course and career path.

It is key to reflect by yourself, ask yourself and question “who are you, what have you got out of life so far and where do you want it to take you?”- Georgina Tewogbade. 



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